Residential lands in Hyderabad

Make a real investment on land in the city of Nawabs. The city of Nawabs is not only about the royal Charminar or the famous Biriyani, but there is more to it. Hyderabad is now the most modernized city that India couldn’t even think of a few years back.

The IT industry has transformed this place into the next Silicon Valley after Bangalore. If you see the working graph of the young generation then one thing will be very constant and that is either they are travelling to Bangalore or Hyderabad for a better opportunity. This shift from other cities also made a huge effect on the real estate scenario in the city. The top builders have already established some of the finest projects in the outer areas of the place.

Still, there are huge acres of Residential lands in Hyderabad available at an affordable rate. The best part about the land is that it is absolutely legitimate and has no illegal affairs involved. In the recent years hardly will you find people constructing a house after buying a residential land. They are more into buying flats at a luxurious complex. In Hyderabad, the situation is a little different. The people who are shifting their base prefer buying land over an apartment.

Perks of staying at your own house rather than an apartment

• Independence- Flat system however modern, it always scrubs a little bit of your independence. There is a management committee which manages several things in the all residential complex.

• Maintenance cost- The maintenance cost of a house is much less than an apartment. It is almost 30 % less than what a person spends on an apartment.

• Less trouble in Mutation- Mutation for a house is much easier than a flat in Hyderabad. After buying a property there are a lot of hassles that one has to go through.

• Better resale value- Residential land offers better resale value than flats. Twenty years down the line the cost for a land will be much higher than a 3BHK apartment. Residential lands in Hyderabad are now the most demanding factor in the city. A lot of people are showing interest in buying land as it is the most profitable investment for the future.

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