What are the best places to buy land in Bangalore?

Buying land in Bangalore is now very much lucrative. With the moderate price, prime locations and complete safety it is indeed a good idea to invest now for a better return in the future.

A huge amount of migration is taking place in the city since quite a long time. Bangalore is now the most opulent place for all the young generation.

Here we will be discussing the best places to buy land in the city. Location is a prime factor when you are investing in a property. This not only provides you a comfortable living but also adds a good resale amount in the future.


This is a Residential suburb in South Bangalore. The place is a good choice for a living as the rates are quite moderate and even the environment is quite healthy. The place is located 8 km away from the electronic city of Bangalore. Many residential projects are already completed and some are there in the pipeline. At Chandapura one can get the best deal on property along with a good living.


It is a very active locality located in the JP Nagar area of South Bangalore. In the recent years, the place has witnessed a good amount of sale in a property. At an affordable price, people can get decent places to live. The place is also well connected with important areas of the city like Bangalore University on one side and Banashankari on the other./p<>

Compare to other areas in Bangalore, this place is still offering houses at a very low rate. According to a local survey, the property value ranges from 3000 sq ft. to 4300 sq ft.


The place is quite feasible for a good kind of living. The place is also in close proximity to the IT hub of the city. Many real estate companies have started different projects as they found the place to be lucrative for sale. Sarajpur has all the facilities like medical emergencies, good schools, colleges and even recreational places like shopping malls, multiplex etc.

So, if you are well settled in Bangalore and looking for a good place to buy a house then this blog can help you a little. The places mentioned above are really lucrative to buy a property for a lifetime.

Has GST really turned the real estate business?

terraIf you are asked that,” what is the most trending thing which is going on in the market?”The answer will be GST. It has completely changed the scenario of the market in the entire nation. This can be claimed that the GST status has evolved with more growth and depreciation. The stock market which was previously assumed the most flickering one is now in a competition with the on and off shores which has came up with GST.

How GST affected on Real Estate?

Coming to the aspect of the real estate, this can be stated that it is the most vulnerably affected area due to GST.
Goods and Service Tax (GST) has gone through the maximum revolutionary taxation reform which will be inscribed in the taxation history of the habitat.

So if we take a deep look on How GST affected on Real Estate? Then the following points are necessary to read.

1. Residential real estate- The sales are highly affected due to addition of the GST. There is assuage noticed for the loan seekers or the ones who are under the coverage of home loans. Government levies around 12% of tax under the coverage of GST which can be a huge issue in the domain of the residential real estate.

2. Rental housing- Even the rental housings are highly affected by the addition of GST in the account. It has around 2.4% GST added up, which leads to the decline of the margin or stagnation of the whole business and as well bothers the overall business.

3. Commercial real estate- The GST for commercial leases was stated to be 15% which is quite impactful and shocking. It has also dismantled the overall taxation.

4. Affordable housing- The sector is devoid of GST till now; still the government can come up with norms about the applicability of the GST in this case. The subsidies and other beneficiaries fall into this category.

Therefore GST has made a drastic change to the entire economy of the nation. Let’s see how the entire economy shuffles in the upcoming days in the field of real estate.


Terracon 15-04Bangalore is becoming one of the fastest developing and growing cities of our country and there are different important projects that are developing in Bangalore. The investors and the real estate agents are investing huge amount of money to buy plots for sale in Bangalore at a most affordable rate so that in the coming days they can sale these plots at a huge profit margin .

With the increasing demand of jobs and commerce prospects, Bangalore has become that city where a lot of people are migrating from different cities to this city and this is generating a need to own a property at a prime or luxurious location where there is availability of everything. Keeping in mind the important and needs of a common people and their planning of buying a property, there are many real estate property agents and websites which bring the most reasonable and high quality offers to buy plots for sales in Bangalore.

Bangalore is going to be benefited in the next few years because of the upcoming new projects that have been approved by the government. The different plot in Bangalore is very important for the commercial as well as residential developments because people are migrating from the different parts of cities in search of a new job and new way of living. We know that all the information technology industries and the big companies are operating from Bangalore and there are huge numbers of plots which are at great locations in various parts of the city. The sellers and the buyers get an opportunity to make a suitable choice as per their requirement and demand and the amount of money they are willing to pay to buy the plots for their purpose. If you are planning to buy or purchase a plot in Bangalore on the most luxurious and convenient locations, then you can get in touch with the genuine real estate agents and check on the website of the companies which will help you to get an idea of the price and the location of the plot and according to your choice and preference and requirement you can find the plot in the prime location of the city.


Investments in north Bangalore

terraconThe north Bangalore is one of the fastest and developing sides of Bangalore which is going to be largely benefited by the upcoming huge projects in those regions. The investments in north Bangalore are getting hype these days. There are around more than five hundred projects that are going to build in the north Bangalore. The north region is one of the important localities in Bangalore which is gaining heights as a profession hallway. North Bangalore land is very important for residential developments as well as for the commercial developments. As the people are very well aware of the fact that the northern part of Bangalore is experiencing a very phenomenal infrastructure development, there are many investors who are doing investments in north Bangalore.

Investments in north Bangalore is gaining its importance because of the numbers of projects that is been sanctioned over there and the interests of the people in buying the plots and lands for their purposes. The building of international airport, various IT parks and different MNCs companies are transforming north Bangalore. The cost of the land in this side of the Bangalore is much economical as compared to the other sides and the investors are ready to invest in the north side of the Bangalore. The connectivity via the railways as well as the roadways and airways are also good in this region of the city. The travelling time will be reduced very much with the constructions of the highways and the expressways. The state government has also proposed to launch a number of projects in the north Bangalore such as financial city, information technology investment region, aerospace, etc.

There are large number of colleges and other educational institutions in this part of the city such as medical, engineering, agriculture and fundamental research institutes and colleges, etc. The Bharat Electronic Limited, Hindustan Liver, the Hindustan Machine Tools, the Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited and more than five hundreds companies are located in this side of the city. The metro connectivity in these areas is well planed in third phase of the constructions. There are several projects that are coming up in the Hosur road. Chandapura is gaining very much importance and demand for the office spaces. Thus investments are a clever investment policy for the investors to invest in and earn a huge amount of profit within a short duration. The investments in north Bangalore is a smart move from the investors.