What significant turn did real estate companies took a few years back to flourish their business more?

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The real estate industry is now catapulting a huge growth especially in the southern states of the country. The companies are primarily investing in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mysore.
Here the blog composition will be unique and will focus on how real estate project or the top 10 realestate companies in Bangalore have changed their business planning over the years.
Like before there is no small scale investment on real estate projects, but huge amounts are invested to create a residential city. A well-known real estate developer in South has already finished some of the biggest projects in different cities like Sai Residency, Terracon Grande, and there are more in the pipe line.
Why residential complex is a fruitful idea for both real estate companies and even the residents?
Though families are mostly nuclear, yet people love to stay in a close proximity of neighbors. The residential cities are the most affluent idea to make thousands of families live together within one boundary wall.
.Minimum 500 apartments with extensive carpet area- Mostly there are around five thousand apartments in an average in one single residential city. All the apartments have extensive carpet area starting from 500 square feet to 3000. People may have a different preference for the carpet area based on their budget, and the real estate developers caterto everything within one single residential complex.
.Wide range of facilities- Apart from providing luxury apartments real estate developers are more focused on offering different facilities to the residents like security, gymnasium, community center, tennis court, football ground, and even lush green garden.
.Flexibility in loan – The concept of housing loan is now a part of banking business as people are fully dependent on it while buying a new apartment. The real estate companies are also assisting them to get a loan in a hassle-free manner, and even at a low rate of interest.
.Affordable budget- All the top 10 residential complex in Bangalore is providing apartments at an affordable budget. There are different price ranges for 2, 3 and 4BHK apartments, and people can book any according to their budget.
The unstoppable growth in real estate industry is mainly due to the emergence of the residential complexes where buyers demand is more, and even profit margin is stable. The real estate companies found this kind of project to be lucrative as there is a proper return on every investment.
The buyers prefer to leave in a little outskirt of the city in a residential complex which is by far a city enclosed within another one.

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